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3D imaging is a vital element of Graphic Design. It adds an element of realism, providing the ability to move through the scene at will, as well as having complete control over lighting and atmospherics, including exactly how and when something happens. Such control extents to dynamic events such as rain giving way to sunshine, or two objects colliding and causing “opposite and equal reactions.” Gravitational forces, winds, resistance are all things that can be built into a scene with amazing accuracy.

Knowledge of 3D elements is a real time and money saver when it comes to seeing an object—whether big like a building or small like a micro processor—before it’s built. 3D imaging is a vital step in Engineering, Movie Production, Design, Construction and even some Medical applications.

For quality imaging in any form or medium, precision is an important factor in all aspects of 3D design, bringing to life your project so your customers can feel they’re in the very presence of your creation.








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