Composite Imaging is a staple in all of today's media productions. Essentially, this is a bunch of images together to make one complete image. Multiple layers come together to add depth and color or maybe some contrast. If joined properly the outcome is enough to make someone stop in their tracks to look closer. When considering your advertisements, posters, postcards, web, video or any other form of advertising, isn't this what you want your images to do.

This style of Graphics Design is a allot like taking a stack of old magazines (or new ones for that matter) and cutting out the pieces you want and gluing them together to make a "Collage". Like any other form of Art, this can take on many faces, like playfull, serious, racy, or classic. Either way, the graphics that portray you or business have to be effective, captivating and accurate.

Don't let sub-standard images portray your achievements. Images don't have to be really colorful or racy to get attention, but they do have to be assembled in ways that "suit" what it is that you do.

Another form of composite imaging lets you enhance or alter the look of something to see what it will look like when completed - before its completed. "Conceptual" images utilizes this art form to a large degree.

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