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When building any new structure, whether it be a yacht, a building, or a machine, keeping track of all the systems is important. Cancoast Operations manuals will unfold these systems with full color graphics and photos, clear explanations and referencing materials. For every component in a system, a series of circuits and/or valves is required to achieve the finished outcome. Our photos of the actual build will show where and how valves or circuits are used to tie systems together. Having worked in the yacht building industry gives us valuable experience with large, complicated systems. Breaking them down into understandable sections will allow any one to have a clear understanding of the operations and why they need to run the way they do.

With a Cancoast Manual set, you get three printed copies of the operations manual and a fully interactive digital version. The Digital version has all of the printed material PLUS video explaining how to run systems as well as the manufacturers’ material in digital format accessed by a click of the mouse. In the case of a Yacht, this Digital Version would be installed on the ship’s computer allowing Captain and crew to access the systems quickly and efficiently.

To achieve the scope of our manuals, we come in to photograph and document the systems with the people who install them (this includes spending time with the actual mechanic, plumber or electrician). Nobody knows these systems better than the people who assemble them. Our way of gathering all this knowledge creates a library that is useable by anyone having to deal with the systems. This also gives piece of mind knowing that you have some answers to questions when servicing or operating your machinery.

Our manuals also reduce the amount of “Call-backs” from people trying to repair or operate the systems. We show where the pertinent components are, allowing a greater understanding of the whole and in some cases showing what materials were used i.e., pipe or wire/breaker sizes. This reduces the manufacturers’ “Warranty work” time digging through drawings, trying to remember where the equipment was placed and how it should be run. In some cases, we can tell who supplied the original components, giving you the ability to address the original manufacturer – and once again cutting down on time spent on the phone or emails.

Cancoast Manuals have been featured on Palmer Johnson Yachts, Queenship Yachts and Rayburn Fine Custom Yachts.

For some industries, operations manuals are part of the build contract and require experienced people who know how to achieve clear and simple instructions.

With Cancoast’s 15 years experience designing operations manuals, you know that the job will be done correctly and to your satisfaction.

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Our system of information gathering also gives a reliable reference library for later builds.

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