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Commercial Photography

It’s all about the “angles.”

Photography in Graphics Design is an asset. When a project calls for pictures of your products or achievements, those pictures must be clear, accurate to the source, and taken in a way that captures the ambience of the surrounding area.

With this in mind, as the studio that often handles the advertising images as well as initial design, we can save time and money on every step of your project as well as on future requirements. There’s no time lost waiting for images for advertising to come in a “hopefully” compatible storage device. When Cancoast Studios handles your photographic needs, you are sure to walk away with images of the highest quality in a time frame that is clearly built around when your project needs it.

Any Images that Cancoast Studios does is always "high-resolution". This makes for absolutely the best reproduction at the final stage of the outcome of you advertising. You can always "reduce" an image, but you can't enlarge without "some" form of image degredation. The image to the left shows an image that was reduced (left) and what happens when small images are used for bigger puposes(right). The images actually starts to "fall apart" making the image a "Bad representaion" for your project.

Cancoast Studios takes extra care in keeping our clients images at the absolute finest level of clarity possible for use in all facets of Graphics design. From Printed material (like magazine ads), to web site creation and video production any image should be able to handle these different forms with ease.

Give us a call to see how we can refine your imaging needs.

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