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When it's time to put an advertisement in a magazine, a poster for a trade show or creating large format signage for the side of a building, there are rules, and you need someone who knows and understands these rules to handle the requirements of your company or private projects.

Magazines have very specific guidelines, timelines and color requirements in achieving the high quality standards used across the globe. Even when printing large format images, i.e. large building signs, you still need to know what material the image will be laid upon, or what the actual final use of the poster or sign will be to find out what the optimal material is.

We will start at the beginning to walk you through the process of magazine ad design and approval. When that process is complete, then we upload the final images to the respective "ftp servers" -- on time -- and confirm that the production department has the image in their workflow.

Having dealt with print houses and magazines around the world, from Canada and the US to the UK, from Russia to Morocco, Cancoast Studios will make any printing or advertising task a breeze.

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